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My new wallet (w/ instructions)!

Well, a week or two ago I made Steven a new wallet. Using the same idea/pattern, I created one with some great upholstery scraps I got from Making Ends Meet in Shelbyville. The whole bag of scraps costed me about $3. Planning on making more with these. I like the fabric because its more durable than just regular cotton fabrics. Also it’s not as stretchy.



So here is how I made it. First I cut my scraps from the pattern.

I needed 2 rectangles of fabric for the wallet itself at 8″ x 4″. Then 4 smaller rectangles for the card pockets at 3 9/10″ x 1 3/4″.


Then I zig zag lock stitched the edges of all of the rectangles.


Then I pinned on the two smaller rectangles onto one the right side of one of the larger squares. I had to eyeball it well enough to make sure that the top of the card would stay below the edge of the wallet. I made sure the smaller rectangles were right on the edge of the larger rectangle. Here is where I ended up with it:


Then I sewed a straight stitch along the 3 sides making the card pocket on each smaller rectangle. Afterwards, I pinned the second pockets the same way over the newly stitched pockets making them completely flush with the corners of the larger rectangle and sewing them both.


Finally, I pinned the other large rectangle flush with the wrong sides facing and stitched the three edges like I did the pockets to create a cash pocket.


Then I shoved the few dollars and all my cards in and put it in my pocket. So simple, easy, and used with very little fabric! I hope everyone can make wallets for the special guys in their lives!


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